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You are allowed to print Your  copy from this website, and to give free copies to other interested persons without changes of the contents; the copyright remains with us: 

You are allowed to print Your  copy from this website, and to give free copies to other interested persons without changes of the contents; the copyright remains with usThis is a complete version of the main text including most of the extra pages; it is around (about) 154 pages = 585 kB), dependent on the settings of Your browser and Your printer. 
Here You find a htm file version for download and print; 
or with https-security a pdf-file (ebook 667 kB); the website may be a newer version than the pdf version; technical info about our pdf-files ...); or a Word.doc-version; and a version for Microsoft  Reader; and the versions Braille GB or Braille US. There is additionally a pdf-file of the paintings (169 kB, 3 pages).

If You have no printer for printing the English version, You may ask Ways of Christ for a photocopy. A booklet - an older version of the main text - exists only in German. The copyright for that printed booklet is in the hands of its publisher - see the German site.

Produced in this form 1991-2024; the first publication in the Internet was 2001-01-31. 

© Authors: Project Christuswege / Ways of Christ™.  (Assn. for Christian Ways).

Publisher of this Internet version (Internet-Service) is Helmut Ziegler, Germany.

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Translation: Some differences between British and American English are marked (brackets). Concerning the English translation of some additional pages, the readers are asked to be generous: the priority was the exact meaning; most English texts are revised in December 2003/ January 2004 - with newer updates. We cannot guarantee 100% correctness of the translations in other languages than German and English, named in our Homepage. But they are good human translations - no automatical translations. Translations in various languages do not automatically represent a comment on the situation in certain countries.

This Site "Ways of Christ™" is a non-commercial project, engaged in research and information. It is independent from Churches, denominations or other religious communities (but nothing is directed against any Church.) The substance of the belief is maintained, without adopting a dogmatic or fundamentalistic approach. Ways of Christ is not canvassing for members, and does not attempt profit or political influence.

The sphere of work are all topics of Christianity, and the interreligious dialogue with other Religions. The main field ist the profound description of the often neglected spiritual sides of Christianity. However, the other sides of Christianity - concerning social questions - are looked at as equally important, in this differentiated view. (See also the "Introduction..." of the main text, and the Methodical tips).

Disclaimer: As far as websites or books of others are mentioned, "Ways of Christ" does not automatically support all (of) their contents.

Short Bible quotes are based on different translations (mainly from the free "World English Bible" of ebible.org). Those passages and the annotations complement the corresponding chapters of our main text.

Images are own paintings ©. Printing allowed. Someone who wants to use one or more of them - except the logo 2.gif - in the web, may do this, but would have to download them on his own webspace, and use them there without changes. Selling them is forbidden.

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